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Credentials/Licensing FAQs

Does American Pest provide LEED certified pest control solutions?

Yes. American Pest understands the rigors involved in achieving LEED Green building certification. That’s why we’ve employed a LEED Green Associate to help you to achieve your green building goals. At American Pest, our LEED certified Pest Control Solutions can help to provide you with two credits toward your LEED certification. Contact us to learn more. 

Is American Pest licensed to perform pest control? What kind of credentials do the technicians and the company have?

American Pest has the appropriate state licensing to conduct pest control operations in its service area (Maryland, North Virginia and the District of Columbia). In addition, American Pest technicians are individually state-licensed pesticide applicators for the areas covered by their service routes.

What is QualityPro?

QualityPro is 3rd party certification awarded by the National Pest Management Association to pest control companies that go above and beyond the minimum requirements for state licensing. The requirements for earning QualityPro credentials include demonstrable environmental stewardship and implementation of industry “best practices.” The honor is considered the highest mark of excellence in the industry. Click here to learn more about QualityPro.

What kind of regulations are in place for the pest control products used by American Pest?

American Pest only uses pest management products that have been tested and labeled for domestic and commercial usage by the Environmental Protection Agency. From there, the products are only used in strict adherence to their safety and MSDS labels. You can review online versions of the labels for the products we use here.


General Information

How do I get free Nationals tickets?

American Pest is a proud sponsor of Washington Nationals baseball!  Just LIKE American Pest on Facebook and read the rules in this year's note. 

What information will I need on -hand when booking an appointment for service?

To ease the process of scheduling, tell the customer service representative (CSR) if you are a new client. If you are already on service, please have your account number ready. The representative will also ask if you are a homeowner, property owner or tenant and what type of pest(s) you are interested in having eliminated. Finally, the CSR will need to know whether you require an emergency service (within 24 hours) or whether the pest problem can be treated during your next service.

I received a reminder about my next service that told me my technician would arrive between 7am and 6pm. I can't wait around all day for the service to be completed!

Receiving this reminder simply means we do not have your preferences for scheduling services. Contact our customer service representatives at any time at 301-891-2600 to schedule a specific time frame or even to tell them whether you prefer morning, afternoon or evening appointments. If you don’t have a preference, the 7am-6pm arrival time will remain in effect.

What is your email address?

You can email us anytime at customerservice@americanpest.net and a customer service representative will be in touch with you within one business day.

I scheduled a service and was told that the technician would arrive within a two hour time span. What does that mean?

All residential appointments with American Pest are scheduled with a 2-hour “arrival time,” which means your technician will be at your home to begin the service within that time span. This allows our scheduling coordinators to account for traffic, weather and other unforeseeable events that could prevent our technician from traveling to your home in a timely manner. For example, if the arrival time is from 8am-10am, your American Pest technician will arrive at your home as soon as 8 am, but no later than 10 am. Please keep in mind that the service may not necessarily take two hours to complete, the appointment only confirms the expected time the technician will report to your property for the service.

When will an American Pest technician arrive at my home?

American Pest schedules appointments at 2-hour intervals. This means our first appointment of the day is scheduled between 7:00-9:00 am. Our last appointment of the day is scheduled between 4:00-6:00 pm.

What are the directions to American Pest?

American Pest is easy to get to from points north or south.  For complete directions to our office in Fulton, MD, click here.

What are American Pest's operating hours?

American Pest is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:30 pm.  Our Customer Care Center is staffed 24 hours and can be reached by calling 301-891-2600.

Where is American Pest located?

American Pest is located in Fulton, MD. Our address is 11820 West Market Place, Fulton, MD, 20759. We are conveniently situated just 42 minutes from the Washington Monument in DC and 31 minutes from the Inner Harbor of Baltimore.

How do I fax American Pest?

Fax American Pest at 301-891-2804


Key Staff

Who is the marketing and advertising manager for American Pest?

All Marketing and Advertising partnerships are considered by the Marketing Department Manager, Miranda Sherman. 

Miranda Sherman began her career at American Pest in 2004. She is responsible for upholding the company's elite brand, developing new and innovative marketing strategies, and chiefly managing the overall client experience at American Pest. She is an active member of the American Marketing Association, Professional Women in Pest Management. In addition to sales and marketing, Miranda has supported the technical training and customer service divisions within the company by providing specialized training programs and support. Miranda is the recipient of the National Pest Management Association's Bed Bugsy Award in the category of Web, the MMHA (Maryland Multi-Housing Association) Star Awards Stellar Marketing Award in the category of Web, and has been featured in PCT magazine's article "Social Media Blogging for Dollars."

Who is the human resource manager for American Pest?

All career opportunities are considered via the management staff of American Pest. Paul Bergmann acts as American Pest's Human Resource Manager and is responsible for the hiring of new employees.

Who is the technical services manager for American Pest?

Kevin Spaulding, B.C.E.
Board Certified Entomologist
Technical Services Manager

Kevin Spaulding serves American Pest as the Technical Services Manager for the Government Services division, which involves high levels of operational involvement on the grounds of the National Institutes of Health. Kevin is a Board Certified Entomologist and is a Certified Applicator in several states. He is also a member of the Entomological Society of America. He has received numerous service awards and recognitions throughout his 30 years of service in the pest management industry.

Does American Pest employ a PH.D. Entomologist?

Kathy Heinsohn, Ph. D., B.C.E. 
Board Certified Entomologist

Dr. Kathy Heinsohn serves as a Board Certified Entomologist in Technical and Training with American Pest. She currently works in the Government Services Administration division assisting with Quality Control and maintains technical expertise on the grounds of the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, MD. Dr. Heinsohn is the author of several pest management-related articles and is a speaker at various annual pest management meetings in the United States. Shortly after she joined American Pest in April 2010, she was highlighted as the cover story feature for the July 2010 issue of Pest Management Professional on the return of a female entomologist into the field. Dr. Heinsohn earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s of Science degrees in Zoology from Clemson University, and a Ph.D. in Urban Entomology from Purdue University. 

Who is the director of technical services for American Pest?

W. Wayne White, B.C.E.
Board Certified Entomologist
Director of Technical Services

Wayne White’s career with American Pest began in 1982. Today, Wayne serves as Vice President and Director of Technical Services. He is responsible for all technical issues and inquiries, including evaluating training practices, products, and equipment. Wayne has served as both a technician and entomologist on multiple tasks for the U.S. Department of State in conducting Integrated Pest Management Training seminars around the globe. Wayne also serves as American Pest’s media contact and has made regular appearances on local and national news affiliate stations (NBC, CBS, ABC, and Fox News) as an expert consultant from the pest management industry. Recently, Wayne was featured in the Washington Post in print and online to share his knowledge of the growing bed bug epidemic. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Entomology from the University of Maryland and is a Board Certified Entomologist with the Entomological Society of America. 


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