Billing FAQ's

Why have I received an invoice if my credit card is on file?

Your credit card has expired or your account is past due. Please contact us in the event that your card has expired or you receive a new number sequence.

Do you charge a finance charge or fee for late payments?

At the present time, American Pest does not charge late fees or finance charges.

I need to update my billing information, who do I contact?

Please send an email to for billing updates.

I need to email accounts receivable, what is the email address?

Please email

Who handles collections for American Pest?

We have an internal collections department and all accounts and payments are handled there first. If payment is not received through them then it is outsourced to a third party collections agency called Transworld Systems.  They can be contacted at 1-888-446-4733.

How can I get my invoices emailed?

Call us at 301-891-2600 or email us at and let us know you want all of your invoices emailed.

Why is my account past due?

Perhaps you missed a payment or your credit card or check was declined. If you have a credit card on file with us, please check that your credit card has not expired.

Why did I receive a statement and my account is current?

A statement is a snapshot of anything outstanding on your account, whether it is current or past due. If you wish to inquire about an invoice, please call 301-891-2600 and ask to speak with our Collections Supervisor.

I paid this invoice already, why do you keep contacting me about it?

You may have sent us a payment but we did not receive it, or for some reason, your bank denied the payment. Please call our Collections Supervisor at 301-891-2600 with any concerns.

Does American Pest do their own billing or outsource it?

American Pest uses a third-party vendor to mail and email out their invoices. The third-party vendor is only responsible for mailing or emailing the invoices. They are not responsible for the content that is included on the invoices. If you have any billing concerns, please contact our Collections Supervisor at 301-891-2600.

How do I contact the American Pest accounting department?

You may email our Accounting Department at



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