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Commercial Bird Control Solutions

Pest birds like pigeons, starlings and sparrows are a major problem for businesses and commercial facilities in the Maryland, Virginia and the D.C. metro area. Not only do they pose serious health risks for employees and customers, they can:

  • Decrease property values

  • Create costly repairs

  • Tarnish your company’s professional reputation

At American Pest, we understand how harmful bird infestations can be to your business’ profitability and have developed our Commercial Bird Control services to assist business owners and managers throughout Maryland and Virginia as well as D.C. in resolving their pest bird problems. With over 85 years in the pest control industry, we are the commercial pest control company of choice for the D.C. area and have been entrusted to protect some our nation’s highest profiled buildings from pest infestations.

Pest Bird Removal For Businesses 

Bird problems exist in many areas of a structure and bird pressure may range from light to heavy. Likely spots to find birds, droppings or nesting material include:

  • Eaves, Ledges and Window Sills

  • Ventilation

  • HVAC Equipment

  • Signage

  • Lighting

  • Chimneys

  • Awnings and Entry Ways

  • Pediments

Effective Bird Control From American Pest

Designed to eliminate pest bird infestations in and around your commercial facility, we have developed a tailored bird control program for your Maryland facility after careful assessment of your company’s needs and budgetary requirements. We employ a combination of materials and techniques, such as:

  • Bird Spikes

  • Baiting

  • Netting

  • Post and Wire

  • Shock Tracks

We’ll discourage birds from sheltering or roosting on your property and typically apply exterior treatments to the perimeter of buildings, ledges, on signs and windows as well as around loading docks. For wild bird troubles inside your commercial facility, we utilize netting and baiting techniques to successfully resolve bird issues. At American Pest, we offer several humane bird deterrent options. Many of our bird control and removal programs are designed specifically to discourage nesting on or around your building and will not cause undue harm to non-target wildlife.

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At American Pest, it is our goal to resolve wild bird issues for businesses. No matter how severe a problem you may have, American Pest can eliminate pest bird activity around your facility, improve your company’s image and prevent costly damages. Our commercial bird control is an ideal solution for historical properties, supermarkets, high-rise condominiums and hotels, as well as for restaurants and other commercial facilities in Washington D.C., Maryland and Northern Virginia that frequently have bird infestations. Contact us today.