5 Creepy Flicks To Enjoy This Fall


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a family watching scary movies inside of a home in beltsville maryland

If you’re in the mood for campy, insect-themed horror with just the right amount of wrong, American Pest has you covered. Keeping to our true roots, we’ve updated our list of favorite films featuring giant rats, wasp-women and human-hunting praying mantis beasts!

You can find each one on either Amazon instant video or Netflix.

1. The Food of the Gods (1976) - Giant Rats
Giant rats
2. The Fly (1986) - Human Turned Diptera
The Fly
3. Arachnaphobia (1990) - Spiders
arachnaphobia movie cover
4. Them! (1964) - Giant Ants
them cover
5. Mimic (1997) - Genetically Modified Praying Mantis/Termite Beasts

Mimic the Movie





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