3 Tips To Rodent Proof Your Home



Have you seen rodents in your home this fall? As the temperatures begin to drop, rodents begin to search for a warm shelter near food and water. Some common household rodent pests are mice, rats and squirrels. Once they have found their way into your home, they will adapt easily. Rodents will search for a place with easy access to food and water. You can usually find these pests inside attics, basements and within your walls. They will typically hide out and reproduce, creating a full infestation inside your home. The only time you might notice an infestation is when they go out in search of food. If you spot a rodent in your home, it is usually a strong indication that others are present and a professional should be contacted right away.

Finding rodents in your home is not just annoying it can also pose a health and safety risk to you and your family. Rodents carry diseases into your home and can infect your family. They can also affect members of your family with asthma and allergies. Rodents can bring insects into your home as well. They carry ticks, fleas and lice. These insect pests can start a whole other infestation within your home. These pests are also known for contaminating food sources.

When rodents search for food in your home, they can get into boxes and bags of food, contaminating the entire contains of the package. Finding these pests in your home is bad news and should be dealt with in a timely manner.

Some ways to help prevent these pests from entering your home are:

  • Seal up food: Take time to seal up food sources so that pests cannot find an easy meal within your home. Also, switching your packaged items, like flour, cereals and beans, into hard plastic containers can also help deter these pests.

  • Seal up the Exterior: Sealing up the exterior of your home will help stop pests from entering your home in the first place. If a mouse or rat cannot find entrance into your home, they will move on to find shelter somewhere else.

  • Fix any Leaks: If you have any moisture or water leaks in your home, fix them and seal them up so that pests do not have easy access to water.

Following these tips should help you try to keep rodent pests out of your home. If you find that you already have rodents in your home, the best thing to do is to call a professional pest exterminator. They will be able to come to your house and find where the infestation is coming from, how bad it is and they will be able to recommend an effective plan of eradication. Once they have eliminated your current pest problem they can work with you to prevent future pest problems from occurring.


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