4 Reasons You Don't Want A Rodent Infestation



Rodents are never a welcome houseguest, but even if you do happen to enjoy the company of a furry rodent friend, there are four serious reasons why you definitely do not want them to make themselves at home.

  1. Yuck! Rodents like field mice might seem cute scurrying outdoors, but once you see one in your home, it goes from cute to disgusting pretty quickly. Knowing that they’re sharing the food in your cupboards and leaving droppings where you eat can be fairly disturbing. They can also carry fleas in their fur that can to be spread to your family and pets.

  2. One of the reasons they are so gross, is because of what they can spread to us. For centuries, rodents have spread health issues to humans by contaminating the food we eat and being in contact with rodent excrement or the animal itself. They can pass on health issues like salmonellosis, rat bite fever, and dysentery. The most recent and serious virus they have passed along to us was Hantavirus. In 2012, this virus actually killed nine people in Yellowstone National Park. Residences and businesses alike that are infested with rodents can spread disease.

  3. Not only are these rodents damaging to our health, but they can be quite damaging to our homes as well! Many rodents find themselves gnawing everything they can get their teeth on to keep them filed down. Not only do they chew on items in your home like area rugs, clothing, and books, but they can damage your actual home structure by burrowing in walls and insulation to nest. Another dangerous object they gnaw on are electrical wires which can escalate into a house fire.

  4. The last unfortunate thing about having a rodent in your home is that there is no such thing as just one! If you managed to have trapped one or two, your work is hardly over. Rodents reproduce very quickly and a few rodents can suddenly turn into an uncontrollable infestation.

Rodents in the home are a terrible idea, as you can see, and you may be tempted to head over to the nearest hardware store to pick up some traps or another DIY way to manage them. Unfortunately, traps and other treatments will not completely solve the problem. It’s best to let the pest control professionals handle your rodent infestation by inspecting your home or business to create a targeted plan to eliminate all of the rodents and keep them from entering again in the future.


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