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Are you still in need of a gift to bring before you head on over to your sister’s, uncle’s, co-worker’s, or in-laws annual holiday party? Look no further! Here at American Pest, we’ve got your back. Here are a few gift ideas for everyone in your circle.

1. Adventure Kids Bug Catcher Box Set
For that future entomologist in the family, we recommend the Adventure Kids Bug Catcher Box Set! Comes complete with safety tweezers, transfer capsules, a viewsphere, wrist compass, and a ventilated examination tank with a 3X view window! They’ll enjoy being able to explore the world of bugs right in their own backyard. When they graduate from college with their degree in Entomology, they’ll be thanking you!

2. “Bugger Off” Insect Necktie
This insect inspired necktie is screen printed on a silky-soft microfiber and is available in standard or narrow. It contains insect illustrations derived from actual scans of real insects along with 18th and 19th century curiosity drawings. The Bugger Off Insect Necktie is the perfect gift for that pesky man in your life that could use a bit more variety in their wardrobe.

3. Bee Honey Jar
For that foodie friend of yours that insists on having only local farm fresh honey, we recommend this beautiful bee shaped honey jar. It comes complete with a honey stick that doubles as its stinger! With a clear glass abdomen, fresh honey will add a lovely golden color to this silver plated piece.

4. Bug Broach (Multiple Designs)
For that special lady in your life that enjoys old-fashioned flair, we recommend one of these beautiful jeweled bug broaches. They come in many different insect types and colors, and will certainly help that extra special gal to sparkle when she wears it.

5. The Bug Zooka
For that someone in your life that is terribly afraid of getting close enough to that spider in the corner to squash it, we’d like to introduce you to the Bug Zooka! A fast, simple, and clean way to get rid of small bugs from your home. It helps you to keep your distance and avoid bug splatter when dealing with that pesky creature. Bugs are sucked instantly into a removable catch tube with the simple press of a button!

There you have it folks! 5 perfect last minute gift ideas for everyone on your list! Happy Holidays!

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