5 Reasons Rodents Love North Virginia



What is it about Virginia that rodents seem to love? Our beautiful area is full of historic monuments, homes, battlefields and parks that folks can visit and learn about the beginnings our great nation. We have cities full of fantastic culture and museums, restaurants and activities to tempt tourists to visit our shores. Over 2.8 million people call Northern Virginia home. If you are a rat or a mouse, what's not to love? As humans populate an area we tend to mold it to be more comfortable for ourselves. We have lots of food on hand, access to water sources and warm housing. We also create an exorbitant amount of waste. These comforts that we need for our own survival have a sometimes alarming side effect of creating a hospitable environment for our furry companions who need these same resources to thrive.

In any city there are a million spots that people never see that are the ideal breeding ground for rats and mice. Sewer systems, alley ways, damp, seldom used basements and attics, as well as warehouses are all ideal candidates for potential homes for these city dwellers. There they live in mid-size to large colonies where they can quietly go about their business, breeding and finding food. They can easily hide in these areas completely undetected by the people around them.

For the rodent who would rather be a country mouse, there is something in Virginia for them too. Only a few miles from the hustle and bustle of the cities Northern Virginia is home to more than 30,000 acres of parks, nature trails and campgrounds. Mice and rats are as adaptable as humans are so they have no problem finding cozy spots near where their human counterparts frequent. Here, they still have plenty of access to food such as the seeds and fruit, roots and other vegetation as well as water sources from the streams and rivers running through the countryside.

Northern Virginia is a wonderful place to live, play and work. It is an area with a rich heritage and has much to offer anyone who wants to live here. It is a good thing to keep in mind though, that we do not live here alone. If you do find that you have some unwanted rodent house guests in your home, it is important to call a professional. They can use all the resources available to safely take care of the problem.


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