5 Tips To Keep Ants Out Of Your Home



Ants can be a real pain to have around your home. It starts by seeing one or two little ants in your kitchen or bathroom. Next thing you know there is an army of ants marching one by one into your home. These ants are here for an easy meal and cozy shelter. The first couple of ants you see are most likely worker ants foraging for food. Once they have found a meal in your home, they will go back and get more ants to help them. If these worker ants continue to find food in your home there will be more and more ants invading your home. Do-it-yourself ant control remedies can seem to be effective on a small scale. However, if you miss one ant with the DIY treatment, than the whole process starts over again. Here are five helpful tips to try and keep your house ant free:

  1. Seal the exterior of your home. Make sure that any cracks or holes on the exterior of your home are sealed tight so ants do not find easy access into your home. These holes or cracks could be in window screens, venting systems, door frames or other exterior areas.

  2. Keep things clean. Keeping your kitchen clean and all the food picked up and put in sealed containers can really make a difference. These ants are looking for an easy meal, don’t let them find one. Also, taking the trash out regularly and keeping it in a sealed container will help deter ants.

  3. Reduce Moisture. Keeping the moisture down in your home and bathroom will help keep ants from finding an easy water source in your home. This is why ants are found in the bathroom.

  4. Outdoor Organization. Keep wood, sand and dirt piles away from you home so that ants do not build a colony nearby.

  5. Pet Food. Make sure that all pet food is kept in sealed containers. Ants are not picky and are just looking for any food they can get there hands on.

If you find that you already are in the middle of an ant infestation, call a professional exterminator. Our pest specialists are highly trained and certified to help you plan the best course of action to eliminate any current pest infestations as well as help prevent problems from developing down the road. Call us today for more info!


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