6 Late Summer Pest Proofing Tips



Summer is coming to an end, but this does not mean that pest season is ending. For some pests, this is the height of their season. Summer is a great breeding season for many insects. With the warmer weather and rainy days, this moist warm climate creates a great habitat for insects to flourish. Also, as the temperature changes, these insects will start to look for somewhere warm to hide for the winter. This could mean that a whole group of insects are headed straight for your home this fall and planning to stay all winter. Don’t let these unwanted house guests overstay their welcome in your home.

Some common pests to deal with this time of year are mosquitoes, flies, stinging insects and ants. Their populations are at a peak after having the entire spring and summer for the young to grow. Then becoming a problem just down the line are rodents, stink bugs and lady bugs looking for a warm shelter this fall and into the winter. There’s never much break when it comes to insects and rodents so here are 6 simple tips to keeping your home pest free year-round:

1. Seal your home for defense: Take some time and check around the entire perimeter of your home for cracks, holes and any way that insects can easily gain access to your home. This can involve sealing vents, door and windows. Also replacing screens in windows or screen doors.

2. Remove any standing water: Look around your property outside. Take note of any water on your property. This can be kiddie pools, bird baths, old tires, ponds, marshes, etc. Keep these forms of water moving and change the water out regularly if possible.

3. Seal or remove any food sources: This can be inside or outside and can be anything from dog food, to a picnic to trash. Make sure all easy food sources are sealed tight and removed regularly and cleaned.

4. Clean gutters and downspouts: Keeping your gutters and downspouts clean will keep water moving away from your home regularly. Also repair any plumbing leaks around your property. If they become backed up this could create severe water damage and stagnant water for insects to breed.

5. Keep your property maintenance up: Remove any piles of debris from around your home. This can include leaf piles and wood piles which become moist easily and are ideal living and breeding areas for many bugs.

6. Lights out: Keep your outdoor lights off as much as possible. Outdoor lights attract insects to your home.

These simple tips can really make a difference when dealing with pests throughout the summer and into the fall. If you find you already have an infestation, seek a pest control professional to get rid of the infestation safely and quickly.


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