A Renters Tale


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“All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go…” you can almost hear John Denver singing this famous tune as you finish packing your apartment before the moving van arrives. The day has finally come when all of that skimping and saving has paid off, and you are moving! But, you’re not just ‘moving’ you have finally realized your dream of homeownership, signed on the dotted line (800+ times), and left the ranks of the ‘renters’.

It is an amazing feeling of freedom and independence to finally be able to call the shots in your home. I mean, now you can paint the walls any color you want. You can play your stereo as loud and for as long as you wish without disturbing the people upstairs because there are no people upstairs anymore! You no longer have to worry about those tenants upstairs waking you up at 2 a.m. with their heated discussions. Ah, the value of owning your own home! It truly is a dream come true.

The moving company has finally carried the last box to the truck, and you are taking one last look around the apartment to be sure you haven’t missed anything. You open that bottom kitchen drawer and discover your copy of the rental agreement that you signed when you moved in. You smile in amusement as you realize that you will never need to sign a rental agreement again and start flipping through it for old times sake. One last grinning look and that’s when you see it. You flip the pages back and forth and look again in disbelief. Why had you never seen it before? I mean it is just one tiny line mixed in with a whole bunch of legal mumbo jumbo, but there it is. This one little line that you don’t even remember agreeing to! You know, the line that says that you will pay for a pest control company to come in and perform a flea and tick service before you move out. And the worst part is you don’t even own any pets to bring in these pests! ARGH!

After a less than perfect conversation with your landlord, he assures you that he will not release your security deposit until he has the certificate from the pest control company. You try to talk some reason into him, since you didn’t have pets, but to no avail. You are stuck! You did sign the lease! There is no way out!

You certainly didn’t expect your first unexpected expense in your new home to be a flea and tick treatment of your old apartment, but you Google for a pest specialist just the same. The first name that pops up is American Pest. Oh, you’ve heard of them. Those were the guys that treated for cockroaches at your work; and weren’t they the ones that Aunt Mae used to get rid of mice? You are quite certain they were, and Aunt Mae couldn’t stop raving about the wonderful service. You push the ‘call’ option and soon you are talking to a very nice person who reassured you that your service would be scheduled for the following day. Problem averted and no hold up on the security deposit release, thanks to American Pest.

After a few weeks of homeowner bliss, you smile as you watch the American Pest technician get out of his vehicle. Today is the day that your new home will be inspected for unwanted pest tenants. Something that you hadn’t thought of yet for the new abode. This is just the next chapter in a story of a great partnership between you and American Pest. You sure are glad that you called the team at American Pest when you needed that old apartment serviced.

While this story may be fictional, it could have been based on real events. No matter where you are at in home ownership or apartment leasing, trust your pest issues to the expert team here at American Pest. Contact us today!


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