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Veterans Day Thank You from American PestIt’s officially the time of year where the holiday season is around the corner. Holiday shoppers rush from store to store in preparation for the upcoming days of celebration. Families are focused on cooking large dinners for Thanksgiving, shopping on black Friday, and preparing for Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa. The ensuing winter season of shopping offers discounts and sales that prove irresistible to consumers looking to provide jaw dropping gifts and warm holiday cheer. However, this is also the time of year to thank our armed forces for their unwavering service to our nation. 

Since 1919, November 11th has marked a day of observed gratitude for the heroes that serve our country on a daily basis. Veterans Day was proclaimed by President Wilson to be a day of parades, condolences, and celebration of past victories. Our brave men and women have served this Nation with valor, commitment, and pride every day since its inception.

Often we (as a nation) forget to thank our military men and women for their duties and responsibilities that make our lives easier and safer, and many of us aren’t quite sure how to thank our service members. Here are a few ways that you can show your appreciation on Veteran’s Day and throughout the entire year:

  • Send a care package to a service member through projects such as the Care Package Project.

  • Participate in a run or walk for charity to raise money for programs which provide care and services for injured veterans.

  • Donate to veteran programs such as Operation Purple Program which provides funding for summer camps for children with military parents. The Operation Purple Program strives to provide a fun experience to many of the children whose parents may have been wounded, injured or are currently deployed for our nation. 

  • Donate an old vehicle to the Veterans of Foreign Wars Foundation. The Veterans of Foreign Wars Foundation can then sell your old car to a wholesale action or to a dismantler, and the proceeds will be directed to aiding our veterans and their families.

These are only a few ways to thank the service men and women of our country, whether it’s November 11th or any other day of the year. American Pests holds our armed forces in high regards. Our commitment to providing the best possible pest control service to the Maryland, Washington, and Virginia area is spurred on by our appreciation of the service provided by our military members.

We hope you will consider expressing you’re a gratitude to all those who have served and are serving our country, in any way you choose.

Thank you to the brave, courageous, and the bold. Happy Veterans Day from American Pest.


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