American Pest Attends the 2011 Copesan Conference and Vendor Expo



American Pest attended the 2011 Copesan Conference and Vendor Expo in Scottsdale, Arizona from February 16th-February 18th. Attendees included Matt Nixon, CEO, Wayne White, Technical Director, David Billingsly, Commercial Director, Jen Blondo, Accounting Manager, Mike Rogers, Commercial Services Manager, Miranda Sherman, Marketing Manager, DeVonn Shuford, Commercial Sales Manager, and Ashley Heavrin, Copesan Liaison.

The conference is an annual event hosted by Copesan for partner companies across the country to celebrate successes and acknowledge opportunities for improvement, while the Expo offers a first look at the newest products and services to hit the industry. American Pest employees took away a lot from their attendance.

“This was my first Copesan conference, and I was amazed to see how everyone was included in the discussions,” said Jen Blondo, Accounting Manager. “This was a very productive experience.”     

Copesan Liaison Ashley Heavrin received an all-expenses paid trip for herself and her mother to the Conference to accept her award for 2011 Copesan Administrative Champion.

“Being nominated for the Champion Award was a huge honor,” said Heavrin. “It meant a lot to me to be recognized by fellow industry professionals.”

During the 3-day conference attendees had theopportunity to take part in various recreational activities including horseback riding, hiking, and an afternoon at the spa.

American Pest is proud of the employees who represented the company at the Copesan Conference, and is eager to use their new knowledge to improve our services.

Since 1925, American Pest has been solving pest problems in the metropolitan Washington, DC area, and takes pride in continuing its longstanding tradition of providing effective, eco-friendly pest control solutions for DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia. For more information, contact us by phone at 1-877-282-1886, or by filling out our contact form.



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