American Pest Employees Pass Associate Certified Entomologist Exam



FULTON--American Pest added six Associate Certified Entomologists (ACE) to its staff today in Howard County. To be eligible for ACE certification, one must have at least seven years of pest management experience and pass a comprehensive exam testing their knowledge of the industry. “We believe that education is vitally important to our staff being well equipped for the challenging world of pest management,” says W. Wayne White, Director of Technical Services at American Pest. With the addition of Matt Nixon, Seth Spears, Paul Bergmann, David Billingsly, Drew Hollingsworth and John Stroheker, American Pest is proud to employ eight Associate Certified Entomologists. “American Pest’s certified staff enables us to provide the most advanced, professional service available to our clientele,” White says. American Pest’s expert staff also includes four Board Certified Entomologists and one PhD of entomology.



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