American Pest Hosts its First "Bring Your Child to Work" Day!



American Pest was pleased to hold its first “Bring Your Child to Work Day” on Thursday, April 28th, 2011. Sons, daughters, and grandchildren of American Pest employees followed their biggest heroes and heroines on their daily commutes to the Fulton office for a glimpse of the world behind the business operations of American Pest.

John Stroheker, Technical Assistant for American Pest, and Casey Cruz, Assistant to the CEO, led the little visitors through the day’s schedule of events, which included an office scavenger hunt, a few rounds of Bug Corn Hole, and a visit to the American Pest Entomology Lab.

“The kids got a chance to handle our Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches, which was very exciting for them,” said Stroheker. “I think they got a kick out of the chance to go to work with their family members for a day.”

There was also an arts-and-crafts session with Cruz, where the kids constructed their own marble-powered bugs and a bug box to house them in.

“It was a lot fun to work with the kids and show them an inside view of the pest control industry,” said Cruz. “I think American Pest has a new tradition that everyone is going to enjoy.”

American Pest was proud to have visiting family members of employees join the company for a day, and looks forward to the next hosting opportunity.


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