American Pest Teaches Kids About Bugs



Two American Pest entomologists visited Deep Run Elementary School to teach children attending the Howard County Parks and Recreation's Summer Sunsations Camp about bugs.

W. Wayne White, B.C.E. and Samuel Ramsey set up a display containing props, pictures, and boxes full of bugs and gave a presentation on everything from bad to beneficial bugs, to how to catch and preserve your own insect collection. While White talked, Ramsey took bugs from their transparent cases so the kids could get a close up view.

White and Ramsey weren't the only ones talking. The children were full of questions such as, "How can I get rid of mosquito babies?" or "What does a bed bug look like?"

"I've never met a group of children so eager to learn about insects," said Ramsey. "They were so young too; it was just kind of shocking how much they already knew."

After the presentation was over, the children lined up single file to get a closer look at all the insects as well as touch Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches and Stick Bugs. The room echoed with squeals of delight and apprehension as furry feet crawled up arms and coarse antennae searched fingertips.

The duo didn't just give the children an opportunity to learn more about insects, they also handed out coloring books, bug-themed calendars, and critter catchers to help spur a love for all things insects.

Both White and Ramsey would like another opportunity to give a presentation like this again. "Kids are often told that, when it comes to bugs, they're bad and gross," says White. "But we want to show them that bugs can be interesting and cool too." 


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