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There are plenty of claims for miracle ant solutions that come up every spring around this time. But if they were solutions then why didn’t they work last year?

Ants outnumber humans significantly. Scientists’ best estimate says that there are 1.5 million ants to every one person on earth. An acre of land in the rainforest could potentially hold 3.5 million ants at one time. Thankfully, we don’t live in the rain forest and ants are a little easier to handle in the DC Metropolitan region.

It’s amazing how what you DON’T do to combat ants can be more effective than what you DO try. Case in point: ant spray. Ants leave scent trails to lead each other along your kitchen counters to the sugar bowl (or water or fruits or veggies; ants aren’t picky). When you spray over-the-counter ant spray, all you are doing is dividing the ants’ troops. This may sound like a good thing, but ants are adaptable and will simply switch to a divide and conquer plan of attack on your home. Basically, ants that are not hurt at their colony’s source will continue to cause headaches. If you want to just continuously kill the ants in your home with stinky spray, this method is for you.

For this reason, we use ant baits and exclusion techniques designed specifically to destroy the colony, not just a few stragglers inside the house. Science is on our side when it comes to the safety of the baits in your home and their efficacy in solving your ant problem.

Our pest control methods are backed by a simple entomological theory called Integrated Pest Management. Rather than the topical approach of ant spray alone, we have a system that takes care of the ants inside and follows up with ensuring that we go for a longer term solution by effecting the colony at its source rather than just a topical treatment.

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