Ants Are Looking For Dry Homes This Spring


prevent ants from seeking shelter in your maryland home

As we all know, spring in our region of the country has been a particularly wet one. Lakes, ponds, and streams are full; and the ground is a soggy mess in many areas. The clouds and rain have certainly taken their toll on most of us who have been waiting patiently for the sunshine. Even the world of pests has been affected. Mosquito populations are enormous and will likely create far more problems than normal. Other types of pests who generally live underground have been driven out of their homes due to flooding and have had to seek shelter elsewhere.

Ants Searching For Shelter

We have received numerous calls from clients in the area who have seen a number of ants that have found their way into their kitchens. Ants, who typically will nest outside and then travel to find food, have had their nests destroyed due to the wet conditions and have had to move out by the thousands. These tiny little refugees that can’t create a new home in the sodden ground have turned to the next best thing - Our homes! Our homes are dry and warm with easy access to food, whether it be the crumbs they find under the fridge, crumbs on the counter, bags and boxes of cereal, staples in the pantry, sugar left in a bowl next to the coffee maker, or even the greasy residue that most of us have around the stove and under the hood. It is food heaven for ants.

What Happens When Ants Get Inside My Home?

In just a matter of a week or two, these ants will be settled into their new nest within the walls or under the floor of your house. Some workers will be busy doing the grocery shopping to feed everyone else in the colony, and others will be busy doing their part to continue to expand their home and to increase their population. The human inhabitants of the house might just be realizing that they have been invaded when they see the workers frequenting the kitchen or bathroom. Many of us will just ignore the spotting of an ant or two; but as the frequency of the sightings increase, that is when folks realize that they have a problem. By that time, the ants are well established and the only way to really get them to move out is by calling in a professional.

Treatment Options For Ant Infestations

Over-the-counter sprays and traps might get rid of a few ants, but unfortunately, there will quickly be more to take their place. Give us a call at American Pest and let our professional technicians show you how efficiently and completely your ant problem can be dealt with. After your initial inspection, the technician will know where the source of your ant problem is and will go over just how they can remove them. They can even talk to you about year-round protection so you never need to worry about ants or other pests again. Take your home back with American Pest.


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