Are Silverfish Dangerous To Dogs?


silverfish up close are silverfish dangerous

If you have a furry friend, then you are all too familiar with how important they are to the entire family. To most folks, dogs are not just an animal that happens to live with them, they are part of the family. And, as beloved friends, we will do everything we can to keep them healthy and happy. We feed them good nutritious meals, walk and groom them regularly, and make sure their medical needs are cared for. Like all family members, dogs are an investment. So, it is important to look at all aspects of their care.

It is important to consider the impact that household pests have on our friends. We all know that mites, ticks, and fleas are bad news for pets. But have you ever thought about silverfish? Are these pests harmful to dogs? The short answer is no. Silverfish do not pose any direct threat to animals. However, if you have treasured photos of your precious puppy when you first brought him, or her, home, those may be at risk if silverfish have invaded your home.

How Are Silverfish Dangerous?

  • Dangerous to old photos: While digital photos are safe, physical photos stored away may not be so lucky.

  • Memories can be lost when silverfish eat away at old photos, literally defacing them.

  • Dangerous to wallpaper: Silverfish are famous for eating wallpaper paste. This is not only dangerous to the wallpaper itself but to your wallet when it comes time to replace that wallpaper or to buy paint instead.

  • Dangerous to books: If you have treasured books stored away and silverfish have made their way into your home, those books will be at risk of being damaged, since silverfish love to eat the glue that binds books together.

  • Dangerous to fabrics: Silverfish love chewing on fabrics, especially natural fabric. But also fabrics that may have food or beverages spilled on them or clothing that has been worn.

Silverfish Prevention Tips

  • Examine your exterior and fill in any gaps, cracks, or holes you find. These insects are tiny and can squeeze through the tiniest of gaps.

  • Replace mulch (which can remain moist) with another, dryer material such as crushed rock. Silverfish are drawn to moisture. If you can't part with your mulch, consider a pest control company putting down a chemical barrier between your mulch and your home.

  • Check all of your screens and door sweeps to make sure they are present and in good condition.

If you need silverfish removed from your home, take note that they can be an indication of bigger problems, such as water damage to your home. If water damage has occurred, you may be dealing with many more unwanted pests which can be dangerous to your furry friends, and other family members. Reach out to American Pest today for complete relief from pest pressures with our residential pest control plans.


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