Are You Attracting Mosquitoes To Your Backyard?



Are you making your backyard more attractive to mosquitoes? Is it even possible to make it unattractive to these buzzing, disease carrying pests?

Mosquitoes are constantly in search of a food source, as well as place to lay their eggs. They lay their eggs in and around water sources. The water source doesn't have to be a naturally occurring water source either. It is quite often standing water that is inside a container or depression in the ground. Reducing and eliminating any standing water or water sources on your property will decrease the amount of mosquito eggs that are being deposited there. Be sure to walk your property regularly and look for things like:

  • tires

  • bowls

  • bottles

  • toys that hold water

These items and many others quickly become mosquito breeding grounds when they are filled with water. Be sure to empty and refresh all water that is part of your landscaping on a regular basis.

Mosquitoes are seen so often that we forget the many threats they pose. They are the perfect vessel to spread diseases and viruses via their bites. Females require our blood as a source of nutrients in which to lay her eggs. Each bite is like a tiny injection into the skin and thus creates an opportunity to spread any diseases that the mosquito may be carrying. There are multiple diseases attributed to mosquito bites like:

  • Malaria

  • Dog Heartworm

  • Dengue

  • Yellow Fever

  • Eastern Equine Encephalitis

  • West Nile Virus

  • Chikungunya

While mosquito borne illnesses are less common here in America, they are definitely a possibility. Protecting your family from these illnesses is important. Informing your family about the dangers of mosquito bites and how to prevent them will help in this battle. Making your backyard less attractive as a breeding area, and wearing deet containing insect repellant can significantly reduce the number of encounters your family will have with these disease carrying blood suckers. Utilizing a professional pest control service to treat your backyard will also significantly drop your mosquito population. Mosquito remediation programs that treat your property throughout the year are the most thorough and effective treatments available.


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