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Unaware of the perils of bed bugs, at-risk students will return to classrooms and dorms throughout the Washington DC region in a matter of a few weeks. Learn how you can prepare the scholarly figures in your family to remain pest free with these bed-bug-busting tips from American Pest.

Students + Housing =  Bed Bug Haven

An increased number of incidences of bed bugs plague our area schools and universities every year. Seasonal turnover of college students in dorms and university housing presents its own share of pest-preventing challenges for school administrators. Why?

  • Bed bug incidences in single family homes and apartments in DC, Maryland and Virginia are on the rise
  • Bed bug eggs and their adult counterparts are transported into classrooms and dorms when infested belongings are brought into the facility
  • Increased travel and exchange from abroad students
  • Poor identification and recognition of the problem when it exists

What You Can Do

  • Many regional schools and universities are equipped with a bed bug action plan—familiarize yourself and your loved ones with the protocol
  • Acquaint yourself with images of bed bugs, their eggs, and where they hide
  • Limit the amount of “stuff” that you keep on school property so as to reduce your chances of these items becoming infested
  • In university housing situations, inspect the dorm furniture and mattress meticulously before you move your belongings into the room
  • Whenever possible, do not buy or accept used mattresses, futons or box springs
  • If the purchase or acquisition of used furniture is unavoidable, inspect it thoroughly for signs of bed bugs
  • If a bed bug infestation has been reported in the learning environment, regularly inspect lockers, back-packs, books, lunch boxes, outerwear and other items coming to and from known infested areas

Furthermore, the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) suggests these Tips for Bed Bugs in Universities & Schools.


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