Bed Bug Myths Debugged


Bed bugs   

Myth # 1

Over the counter foggers, bombs and pesticides work to get rid of a bed bug infestation.

FALSE. This could not be more wrong. Over the counter solutions to bed bugs simply do not work. Professional help is required and even experts can have trouble controlling a bed bug infestation. Not only are bed bug sprays ineffective, using pesticides incorrectly can be incredibly dangerous. American Pest has been killing bugs since 1925; we can handle even the toughest bed bug infestation. 

Myth # 2

Bed bugs spread disease like fleas and mosquitoes

NOPE! Bed bugs have not been found to spread disease like fleas and mosquitoes do. Health issues surrounding bed bugs arise when the bites get infected or people have severe psychological reactions to living with the frightening creatures.

Myth # 3

Only dirty people get bed bugs

NEGATIVE. Bed bugs are not picky. No matter how many stars a hotel may have, bed bugs will set up house wherever they can find a safe place to hide with a steady food source. That being said, clutter can help hide the sneaky critters and make eradication efforts more difficult.

Myth # 4

Bed bugs are only found in mattresses

WRONG! Bed bugs have been found in office buildings, buses, movie theaters, couches, chairs, planes, trains, you name it! Anywhere that people are found can be a target for bed bugs. Their goal in life is to suck our blood and reproduce. They are most often found on mattresses, box springs, behind head boards and other bedroom areas, but will make do with other areas when need be.


If you think you may have bed bugs, American Pest is ready to help. We understand that bed bugs can be a sensitive subject and you want the tiny blood-suckers gone as soon as possible. Contact us today.


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