Bed Bugs are still an issue in Maryland and D.C.


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Bed bugs may not be at the top of all the news story these days, but that does not mean that they have disappeared. In fact, bed bugs are still a problem and concern for business owners and all residents throughout Maryland and D.C. No business owner wants to think about these biting parasites entering into their business, but without proper precautions they will most likely do just that.

Bed bugs do not jump or fly. Their main mode of transportation is hitchhiking their way into new environments on people or things like clothing, bags, and furniture. Wherever people are coming and going, there is always the possibility that bed bugs are coming in with them. Movie theaters, libraries, airports, clothing stores, schools, dormitories, hospitals, 5-star hotels, and budget motels are some examples of the many businesses that can become victim to bed bugs.

At American Pest we want to give you the peace of mind that with us on your side, bed bugs will not be a problem for your business or effect your reputation. If any bed bugs find their way into your business, we will quickly find and eliminate them in a safe and discreet professional manner.

Here at American Pest we control bed bugs in a few different ways, depending on the unique needs and facets of your business; we will work with you to assess which service will be the most successful for you.

One of the most successful tools that we use to inspect and find bed bugs is our K-9 bed bug detection service. Through the use of our specially trained bed bug detection dogs we can inspect your business for bed bugs with little or no disruption to your customers. A typical inspection lasts as little as 2-15 minutes. Our detection dogs have a greater than 90 percent accuracy rating when detecting adults, nymphs, and eggs. We know that they can detect bed bugs anywhere and all the time.

Once we have detected that there is a bed bug presence, we will work with you to determine the best treatment to rid you of these pests. We can use mobile heating units to successfully kill bed bugs of all stages. Our bed bug heat treatments are very safe, environmentally friendly, and an extremely effective treatment method. This method only takes one day and only one treatment is required. If needed, we also offer conventional pesticide treatment options to work with our heat treatment service.

After the treatment has been successful and your business is free from bed bugs, we also offer some prevention services. If needed, we can offer you mattress and box spring encasements that will deter any future bed bugs from making your beds their home.

It is important to not let your guard down when it comes to bed bugs; they are still active in Maryland and D.C. Don’t fall prey to the ‘out of sight, out of mind’ mindset because bed bugs statistics show that they are still an issue. By partnering with American Pest you can be sure that you will prevent your business from becoming one of the statistics. Contact us today.



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