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Don’t Judge a Bite by its Cover

While the majority of people exhibit signs and symptoms of being bitten by bed bugs, there are many who do not. Think of spring time when the pollen is turning cars neon yellow and how one person can barely breathe while others feel nothing whatsoever. The same idea is true for bed bug bites. Most people observe an allergic reaction to the surface of the skin that is similar to the one experienced when bitten by a mosquito. People who do not show physical symptoms are most at risk for a major bed bug infestation because they are simply unaware of the blood-sucking parasites sharing their bed.

How to identify bed bug bites vs. other bites

Drive You Crazy
It is a scientifically proven fact that bed bugs are not known to spread disease like fleas and mosquitoes do, but there can be serious psychological repercussions to living with bed bugs. The idea of tiny crawlers piercing your skin to suck your blood while you sleep is the stuff of horror films. Not being able to find the insects nor escape from their bites is enough to give you nightmares for weeks. The psychological trauma of dealing with bed bugs can have lengthy ramifications in both adults and children.

Other Signs
Now that you are terrified of bed bug infestations and wonder if you are one of the few who do not show physical signs of being bitten, there are other signs that indicate the presence of bed bugs to help you double check. So breathe, people:

Fecal Spotting
Tiny black or brown spots normally in small crevices where the bugs feel hidden are an indicator that bed bugs are present. Some common places to see fecal spotting are in seams of mattresses, corners of walls, behind hanging picture frames, and in corners of the bed frame. American Pest professionals are trained to identify fecal spotting and use that evidence to help determine the level of infestation.

Cast Skins
Bed bugs need to shed their exoskeleton in order to grow—a process known as molting. According to entomologist W. Wayne White, “Development to adulthood requires 5 molts with a blood meal before each molt.” This means for each bug, there are a possible 5 cast skin casings to accompany it.

Displaying an innate ability to seek out a suitable host, it is not uncommon for bed bugs to “hitch-hike” their way into high end hotels and other expensive dwellings. Contrary to public misconception, bed bugs do not confine themselves to “flea-bag motels” or other less luxurious homes. Their choice of blood meal is solely based on convenience, not hygiene.

Misapplication of DIY pesticides run rampant when people become overcome by bed bugs.  They do whatever they can to try to rid of bed bugs and in many cases they do not follow label instructions and precautionary statements.  Save bed bug control for the professionals so that you do not put yourself or your family in harm’s way.

Here We Come to Save the Day!
A bed bug infestation is serious and becoming more and more common due to a number of factors. A trustworthy pest control company will first inspect the residence to be sure that bed bugs are in fact the issue and will work with the owner to develop a customized treatment solution using the most appropriate method of control after evidence has been found. There are a number of options available and a combined approach is often the best way to treat bed bugs in your home.



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