Bed Bugs in Libraries


Bed bugs   

Bed bugs are rearing their ugly heads in yet another public place: libraries. Reports from Los Angeles and Kansas have librarians imposing new procedures to keep libraries a bed bug free zone. But with the talented hitchhikers creeping into more and more homes, it seems only logical for them to sneak into the comfortably tight bindings in bedside books.

While libraries attempt to keep up with this weird bug epidemic to keep their books and patrons safe, there are some things you can do to help them out.

Honesty is the best policy

If you think you may have bed bugs, tell the library that your books may have come in contact with bed bugs before you simply drop them into the return slot. Your next step should be to get an inspection. The longer bed bugs have to feed means the longer they have to breed and create a larger headache than they already have. If bed bugs are found in the inspection it is important to have the bugs eliminated by a professional as soon as possible. Thermal remediation (heat treatment) is currently the most effective method of bed bug eradication.

Don’t start a panic over every speck of dust the size of an apple seed, but if you see a bed bug in the library, let a librarian know. It’s important to tackle these issues early to avoid spreading bed bugs to other patrons’ homes.


If you are trying to return books that have come in contact with bed bugs, plastic bags (the kind that zip) are your new best friends. Seal the books up and then discuss with the library what you should do.

If you find a bed bug on a library book that you just brought home, do the same. Sealing those bad boys up may be enough to stop them before they take over your home. Once they are sealed and away from your belongings, let the library know in case they aren’t aware of the issue and get an inspection for your home as soon as possible. 

Bed bugs can be a sensitive topic (even though they have nothing to do with cleanliness), so remaining discreet while getting your message across is important.

American Pest's K-9 bed bug inspection team is adorable and effective in sniffing out bed bugs, viable eggs, and tiny nymphs. Our heat treatment team is less cute but just as effective at getting a bed bug situation under control.



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