Birds Hurting Business In Montgomery County


Birds are beautiful. There are some who spend their lives tracking and charting birds all over the country--and even the world. There is something fascinating about how a chickadee can flutter its wings and snag a perch on a tree limb eight feet above it. It is amazing when a flock of birds take to the air and swirl in a massive cloud, each bird in complete harmony with the others.  Wildlife, in general, holds an appeal for most people. 

Who wouldn't think it cool to have a bird fly down and perch on their knee? Okay. Maybe someone who is deathly afraid of birds. But, generally speaking, these are fun and fascinating creatures. Even pest birds. It is amazing how many people feed french fries to birds at their local fast food restaurant when those birds are spreading disease and pestilence right in front of their eyes. 

For some business owners, it takes no convincing. You may even be one of them. You've seen the cost pest birds can have on a business, and you are no longer enamored with these clever little creatures. You know what it costs to continually clean up their droppings. You may have seen your brand bitten by the backlash of a bird related contamination, or noted an increase in employee sick days because of an infestation in your attic spaces. All it takes is one person hurting themselves because of a slip on bird feces--and the lawsuit that comes with it--to make these creatures public enemy number one. 

If you love the sounds of birds in the morning, we understand. Birdsong can be relaxing. Well, except for crows. (There is a reason they call a group of crows a murder. When you have crows squawking outside your window at five in the morning, that is exactly what you want to do to them.) But, in general, bird song is enjoyable. You may even be the kind of person who throws some french fries out the window to feed those pigeons, sparrows or starlings. We get it. Birds are cool. But they don't belong in or around your business. They decrease your property value, create a slip hazard, are costly to clean up after and remove, corrode concrete, and spread bacteria and pathogens.

Don't let birds hurt your business in Montgomery County. If you have birds congregating and nesting on your property, it's time to contact the pro's here at American Pest. We have bird deterrents that will control where you want birds to be. With bird spikes, netting, and shock tracks, those birds will know that your roof, sills and walkways are off limits. They can dance around in the local trees and sing to their hearts' content, but they need to know, they have no business perching on your business.


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