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When looking for a home, what are your criteria? Do you need a spacious kitchen to accommodate your large family and all the cooking you'll be doing? Or an office off of the living room? Does the home need a sun-warmed room near the master bedroom? Whatever criteria you're looking for in a house, they are probably attached to your goals and dreams. That kitchen is where your family will work together--and laugh together. That office is where you'll grow a business or manage your finances. And, that room that catches the morning sun? That is where you'll wake your newborn baby with a smile and a hug. Your new home will be where life happens. It should be a place where dreams are made. Not nightmares.

Termites are a worldwide epidemic, costing property owners over $40 billion every year. Some termite species can completely wreck a home in under two years. But these statistics aren't the real danger termites pose. Many homeowners don't even realize they have a termite problem.

When you pick out a home, the last thing you're probably going to be thinking about is whether or not it has termites. Partly because you have all those dreams to think about. But also because your agent has probably already had a certified home inspector look things over. What you don't realize is that certified home inspectors are neither trained nor qualified to check a home for termites. If you're trusting them to protect you, you could be in big trouble.

You may think that something as dangerous as termites is covered under your home insurance. But most homeowner policies do not cover insect damage unless you specifically request it.

So, what does this mean?

If you move into your new home and discover termites, your insurance isn't going to pay for it. The people who sold you the house aren't going to pay for it. All of those damages are going rest on your shoulders. You could be paying off a home for twenty years that you can't even live in.

Before you make what may be the most significant purchase of your life, make sure you contact a MD pest control company and request a certified termite inspection. They have the knowledge and training to properly determine whether or not a home has termites. Your new home is for dreams. Protect your future by making sure your home is free of termites.


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