Calls For Bed Bug Control In NOVA Increasing


Bed bugs   

When calls for bed bugs increase, you know what that means: Infestation are on the rise. If you live in Northern Virginia and hate the idea of being eaten alive by bugs while you sleep, now is the time to start getting proactive about protecting your home and your family. Here are some questions everyone in NOVA should know the answers to.

  • How do these bugs spread? This is a hitchhiking bug. Unless you live in an apartment complex, this is not a bug that is going to come into your home through the walls.

  • What do they hitchhike in? They get into luggage, bags, clothing, bedding, furniture and even electronics.

  • How do they get in clothing? Bed bug larvae are quite small. They can hide in clothing quite easily. But more often, a bed bug will lay its eggs in clothing. And, since bed bug eggs don't need a mother to hatch, an infestation can start with a batch of eggs in the threads of your favorite sweater.

  • Where will I pick up bed bugs? You're not going to like the answer to this one. Bed bugs can be picked up in hotels, motels, resorts, cabins, airplanes, trains, buses, taxi cabs, at a friends house, in a movie theater, at a public diner and anywhere that has upholstered furniture.

  • How do bed bugs live in a movie theater? Many people believe that bed bugs only live in beds or that they only draw blood from people who are asleep. The truth is, these bugs can feed on you while you're awake. They're equipped with an anti-coagulant that allows them to draw blood from you with nearly no pain whatsoever. This is also why they can bite you on your face and not wake you up.

  • Do bed bugs only live in dirty places? Bed bugs prefer dirty places, but they can be found anywhere, even a 5-star resort or the cleanest of homes. These are blood-eating insects. If they can get a blood meal, they will be happy to stay.

  • Won't I know I have bugs as soon as they start biting me? The bites from larvae are smaller, and often bed bugs won't leave a noticeable rash at first. It can take several doses of the anticoagulant for some people to have a reaction.

  • Who is most likely to have bed bugs? If you have traveled recently and didn't do an inspection for bed bugs, you could have them. Infestations most often begin with a vacation or a trip.

  • How can I know if I have bed bugs? Some pest control companies have K-9 bed bug inspectors that are able to sniff out living bed bugs even before they hatch from their eggs. This is the best way to prevent an infestation before it begins.

As calls for bed bugs increase, you have a greater chance of picking these bugs up when you go anywhere. And, you have a greater chance of a friend or family member bringing these bugs into your home. If you're concerned about these bugs, contact American Pest for a K-9 inspection.  With our NOVA bed bug control pros on the job, you can sleep easy. Get your Northern Virginia home checked today.


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