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After a customer reached out to us about finding not one, not two, but 15 mice in her vehicle, we decided to look into the allegation. Mice? In a car? It seemed like an occurrence too outlandish to be true. However, upon researching the claim we came to find that automobile owners commonly find themselves with rodent problems.

How Often Does This Happen?

If you take the time to simply Google “mice in car,” pages upon pages of results will show up. There are tons of complaints and horror stories posted on review websites and even news articles regarding the seemingly widespread issue. It appears that some types of cars are more prone to infestations.

Why Certain Cars?

There are a few reasons why mice are attracted to some cars more so than others.

  1. Easy Access. According to many drivers who have taken it upon themselves to do some investigating, the way these rodents are getting inside the vehicles is through the air duct below the glove compartment. There seems to be some sort of entry way that is wide open to these pests. Luckily many consumers have suggested prevention methods such as placing a piece of mesh over the opening.
  2. Wire Material. It seems that in most cars, wires tend to be made from petroleum. However, with newer, more eco-friendly cars, the wires are made with a soy-based material. While this is certainly a more environmentally responsible substance, it sure does make for a tasty rodent snack.

In the end, the cause of this problem boils down to a rodent infestation in or around the homes of these victims. Whether you are the owner of a more susceptible car or not, American Pest wants to help you prevent these pests from making your space their own. In the words of one Reddit user, "I am not a free hotel to hibernate from the cold!"


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