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Carpenter ants are a huge problem! They have just two things on their mind and that is to reproduce and continually care for their colony. Most importantly, they need shelter, food, and water for their masses which may be just a few dozen or tens of thousands. Unfortunately, their quest to provide for their colony causes structural damages that can be quite costly. These carpenter ants like to nest in moist or water-damaged wood. They don’t actually eat wood like termites, but they burrow into it like mini excavators leaving behind “sawdust” or “frass”. They work mostly at night and stay very well hidden, so their frass or their damage may be the only sign of an infestation.

When carpenter ants are outside, they nest underneath anything that provides them darkness and moisture. Items such as rocks, debris, junk, and wood piles are their favored sites. They can also find their way into insulation, basements, and crawl spaces in your home. If you were to see them, they would most likely be in your kitchen or pantry looking for food. Not many carpenter ants will be seen, which is why it is so hard to get rid of this type of infestation. Carpenter ants are responsible for some serious damage to walls, floors, ceilings, furniture, and structural materials that keep your home sturdy. This damage can be extremely costly, and the only sure-fire way to get rid of an infestation is by eliminating the entire colony which is not an easy task. Keeping them away once you’ve dealt with an existing colony is no easy task, either.

To help prevent an infestation:

  • Keep your yard organized and free from piles that will create a desirable environment for carpenter ants.
  • Reduce water sources or areas of moisture inside and outside of your home, including leaky pipes and other areas of high moisture.
  • Keep food items stored in tightly sealed containers and clean up food or drink spills immediately.
  • Trash cans should be emptied frequently and kept clean on the inside to prevent sticky residue that will entice carpenter ants.
  • Seal up all entry points into your home including gaps, cracks, holes, and crevices.
  • Replace or repair any damaged screens, vents, and frames throughout your home.
  • Do not leave out pet food or other items that may attract carpenter ants.

Over the counter sprays and remedies don’t usually solve the problem and can be dangerous to humans, pets, and wildlife making professional interventions the most viable source of elimination and control.

If you already have an infestation you should contact a pest control professional right away to eliminate the problem and limit the damage that they can cause. American Pest offers commercial and residential service in and around Washington D.C., Northern Virginia, and Maryland. Give us a call for a thorough inspection, and we can recommend the plan that is best for you. Our Preferred Care Residential Pest Control Service can get rid of ants and other common pests with regular bi-monthly treatments. Our plans are backed by our Pest Free Pledge, so if a pest returns between visits, we will return for free. Contact us today to find out more at American Pest.


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