Carpet Beetle Infestations On The Rise In Northern Virginia


Carpet Beetles   
Right away we should explain that we're not talking about a sudden invasion of carpet beetles to our state. Carpet beetle populations in Virginia didn't recently spike. This rise in carpet beetle infestations is a regular occurrence. It happens every year. Why? Because this is an overwintering bug. If you have a crack in your foundation, a hole in your walls, a gap in a window frame, a damaged door sweep, a hole in a screen, a breach in your eaves or some other entry point, carpet beetles will--and probably did--exploit them. Here's how it works.
Carpet beetles are cold-blooded creatures. When it gets cold, they look for a place to hide. And, sadly, these bugs can't tell your house from a hole in a tree. But, once inside your home, they may stay in your wall voids, attic spaces, and other cold places, not realizing that there are spring temperatures just a little further in. This will cause them to go into a state of arrested development called diapause and wait for the cold weather to pass. When things warm up, these bugs become active again and will often find their way deeper into your home. That's why we get more calls for carpet beetles in spring.
If you're finding carpet beetles in your home, here are a few things you should immediately know:
  • In your home, adult carpet beetles will feed on cereals, rice, and flour. This makes them a pantry pest.

  • Adult carpet beetles are more of a warning sign than a danger. While they can feed on your pantry products, they aren't good at getting in the packages that protect them.

  • Carpet beetle larvae are the real danger. They eat natural fibers in clothing, carpets, drapes, bedspreads, and sheets. They are even known to eat non-natural fibers. Carpet beetle larvae are drawn to the essential oils we leave behind. This will have them chewing on anything that comes in contact with our bodies and hair. So if you would rather not find holes in important pieces of clothing, it is a good idea to have these pests eradicated.

  • Is it possible to get carpet beetle bites? No. But your skin can become sensitive to carpet beetle saliva and you may develop an irritating rash.

  • Carpet beetles are hard to get rid of without professional help.

If you're dealing with carpet beetles in your Northern Virginia home, American Pest has a nationally recognized QualityPro certified team.  We have on-staff entomologists who know how to effectively eradicate carpet beetles.
Don't take chances on missing a single bug. American Pest can make sure your home is free of carpet beetles. In fact, we guarantee it.


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