Christmas Dinner



Next to Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas dinner is probably the second best dinner you're going to have this year. You may not be planning on getting the gravy boat out or filling your home with the aroma of turkey, but there is sure to be food aplenty. Why is this? Because we humans love to eat, that’s why. We'll find any excuse to do it. Baseball game! Tailgate barbecue! Trip to the beach! A picnic on a blanket with sandwiches! Cozying up next to a fire in the woods! Get out the marshmallows! You know who else loves to eat? Termites! In fact, they put us to shame. These tiny, wood-eating insects can eat 24 hours a day, every single day, all year long. Let's take a look.

24 hours a day

Do you know that termites don't sleep? It is true. These organisms are so simple; they don't require sleep to regenerate their energy. This allows each and every one of them to continue to nibble on your home nonstop. They may not be very big, but that doesn't stop them from doing a lot of damage. Their secret is to keep eating while everyone else is taking a break.

7 days a week

What does your work week look like? Do you work the standard 40 hours a week or does your job require more from you? Even if you spend 70 or more hours each week toiling away at your job, you can't hold a candle to those termites. They don't need to take a break for lunch or snack; their job is to eat!

365 days a year

You may think that termites take a break during the two months of winter we have here in Virginia, but this is not always the case. When subterranean termites find a nice, cozy crawl space under a home, they will have the warmth they need to keep feeding on a home all winter long. Besides, some termite species can establish a colony inside the wood of your home and not have to commute back and forth to a nest in the soil.

At American Pest, we offer the most advanced, Eco-friendly, and competitively priced termite service available in the industry. And, we protect homes in Virginia 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year with termite monitoring and control installations.

Your home is more than a bunch of walls made out of wood. It is where memories happen--memories like Christmas gatherings and Christmas dinner. Don't let termites feast while you're feasting. Make sure your Virginia home is protected.


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