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Okay. I'm no Martha Stewart. I can't tell if that new couch will go with your drapes, or what tile will look good in your bathroom, but what I can tell you is how to protect you family, your clothes, and your home from invasive pests by implementing a few preventative measures.

Let's start in the kitchen, after all, Martha would want it that way. The goal with bug prevention is to keep bugs from getting what they want. Bugs love food, especially sweet, rotting food. The following tips will reduce bugs' motivation to enter or stay in your kitchen:

  • Keep your garbage in a sealed can, and keep the lid closed.

  • Deep clean around your fridge and stove to get rid of decaying food and drink.

  • Vacuum hardwood and carpeted floors regularly.

  • Clean floors and counters with disinfectant.

  • Put dishes in soapy water, instead of stacking them in a dry sink.

  • Leave fruit in the fridge till you're ready to eat it.

Pests love the pantry. That is where you keep the food they like most. If you don't want bugs and rodents in your pantry, here are some things you can do:

  • Put food that comes in paper or cardboard inside hard plastic containers. I realize this can be expensive, but if you do a couple a week, it won't be long before all of your food is safe--not to mention fresher.

  • Be sure to get rid of food that has expired. Bugs can smell rotting food from a great distance.

  • Keep your pantry dry and ventilated.

  • Use wire shelving, if possible. Bugs and rodents love wood shelves. Don't give them what they love.

Bugs love your closets. If you store clothing in boxes or on hangers, these tips will help you preserve those items, and keep pests away:

  • Make sure all clothing you hang is clean and dry.

  • If you don't plan to wear certain items for a while, cover them in a plastic bag before hanging. This will deter the moths and keep your items from mildew and fading.

  • If you are storing items in a box, don't use cardboard. Bugs can slip in or chew their way in. Sealed plastic containers are always the best way to go. If you can't afford to do that, make sure the area the boxes are stored in is clean and ventilated.

If you don't want bugs in your house, call a professional and have them seal up your exterior walls and spray your perimeter. Then you won't have to work so hard to deter them, though, it is always a good idea to use these tips even if your home is sealed. Bugs can fly in or get carried in. Stay vigilant!  For home pest control in Montgomery County or elsewhere in Maryland, Washington D.C. and NOVA, contact American Pest today!


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