D.C., Maryland And Virginia Area Is Seeing More Yellow Jacket Activity


Stinging Insects   
a swarm of yellow jackets emerging from a nest outside of a home in bethesda maryland

Unlike the distant related honeybees, yellow jackets start over every year with the development of their colony. It all begins with a young queen coming out of her winter dormancy. She builds a nest and works alone until she raises her first batch of workers. These workers quickly mature and jump in to help the queen with her next round of eggs. This continues for the next several rounds of eggs until a colony soon grows to hundreds and even thousands of yellow jackets.

The activities and duties of the colony changes during late summer and early fall. By this time all the larvae have matured into adult yellow jackets and there are no more larvae for the workers to feed. The yellow jackets become quite a nuisance during this time. They are randomly foraging for themselves along with the thousands of new adults.

It is at this same time that the food preference changes and the yellow jacket’s craving for food goes from mainly protein to sweets. This causes unwanted guests at picnics, outdoor BBQ’s and having drinks on the deck. The human foods and drinks become an attraction to the yellow jacket.

Yellow jackets prefer to build their nests in the ground but they can also be found in hollow trees, barns, attics, inside walls of your home and in trees and shrubs or other landscape. Some of the things that attract them to your property include flower gardens with an abundance of nectar, ornamental ponds and your backyard swimming pool.

It’s one thing to identify yellow jackets from other stinging insects and yet another thing to eradicate them from your property. While some people offer Do-It-Yourself methods and products, one should keep in mind that getting rid of stinging insects is not an easy chore. It is no fun trying to outrun 500 angry, rapid flying stinging yellow jackets.

Your American Pest technicians have a well-trained eye to properly identify which species of stinging insect is harassing you and your family. These professionals know just how to find, identify and safely remove yellow jackets and other stinging insects without causing harm to humans or pets.

American Pest offers three levels of Preferred Care programs and will help you choose which one best suits your needs. These programs will all provide treatment to eradicate or remove yellow jackets and 30 other common pests. You will be provided year round coverage with bi-monthly treatments. As you see an increase of yellow jacket activity in the DC, Maryland and the Virginia area, your best and safest approach is to call American Pest.


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