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Do-it-yourself projects are an important tradition during the holiday season for many families in the DC Metro area. From gingerbread houses to candy corn wreaths, do-it-yourself décor is all the rage as the cold weather keeps us indoors. And what could be more fun than making those crafts out of food? So when you are taking in the websites and blogs galore popping up to inspire your inner crafter, remember these tips on how to make sure your gingerbread house doesn’t turn into a real home for a family of mice.


Just like there is a shelf life on how long it is appropriate to leave up all those festive outdoor lights, there is a shelf life on how long you have to keep the gumdrop wreath your kids made before it becomes bait for all sorts of pests. The longer the tantalizing snack is not packed away (or thrown away), the longer pesky critters have to find it.


Any frequent blog reader will note the level of photography that goes into making memories nowadays. The ease of digital photography will allow you to keep the memory attached to the finished product of your crafts without risking leaving a smorgasbord for pests by keeping the various food-based projects in storage.


If you insist on hanging on to a special project for longer than the holiday season, proper storage is vital. Putting a gingerbread house in something as flimsy as a grocery bag for long term storage is asking for disaster. Mice will thrive with the readily available supply of food. Instead, pack it away in a totally sealable, tamperproof hard plastic bin.


You decided to throw away your crafts! Brilliant! This step is easy. Make sure you clean up crumbs and any other remnants that may draw pests and simply toss the project into the trash. Even more fun—is your project edible? Eat it! If not, take your trash out regularly and you’ll be good to go.

If you do notice that mice have gotten to your precious craft, dispose of it immediately. Mice are known to spread infectious diseases like dysentery, salmonella and many more, and it is not worth the risk. At American Pest, we have a zero tolerance policy for rodent pests because of the danger they pose to your family. Our expert technicians are on the case to find the food source, where the mice have set up house, and set the proper traps to rid your home of this menacing pest.


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