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You have been working on the perfect holiday party for months. The invitations have gone out. The decorations are up. The perfect gift for each of your guests has been purchased and gift wrapped in anticipation of that special day. There is no doubt about it, Christmas is in the air. Frequently, when we are busy making merry for the season with all of the cooking and baking, we will overlook a few details such as those guests that arrive that did not RSVP to your party. If you happen to walk into your kitchen and flip on the light only to have something go scurrying under a cabinet, you know exactly what I mean. You also know that your perfect holiday party might be getting ready to turn into the perfect holiday mess. Cockroaches have a way of turning up at just the wrong time, and getting rid of them isn’t as easy as setting a few traps.
The cockroach is a creepy crawly thing that gives most people the shivers just thinking about them. These bugs are fast and tough to kill even with the strongest home roach spray. Chances are if you have seen them, your home is already infested, and you will need to call in a professional company like American Pest to completely remove this threat to your family’s health.  Cockroaches are known carriers of many diseases that can contaminate your kitchen and food stores such as salmonella, typhoid, cholera, gastroenteritis, and dysentery. You can help make your holidays a bit brighter by discouraging pests like cockroaches from moving in.
Roaches require food and water to make a hospitable environment for them to set up shop. A clean kitchen is always a great way to convince them to stay away. Make sure that your dishes are done and counters are crumb-free. If there is any clutter that you do not need, clear it away to give pests less places to hide. You might also want to spend some time making sure any spills in your pantry are cleaned up and any products such as bread, cereals, flour, and sugar are in hard plastic or glass containers with airtight lids to prevent roaches from getting in. Something people do not think about is pet food. This, too, should be in a covered, plastic container; and any pet dishes left around should be picked up after the pet is done eating.  Finally, take out the trash each evening and make sure the bins are kept away from the side of your house. This will help keep any pests, including cockroaches that are attracted to the food source in the bin away from the house itself.
As clean as you keep your home, there is, unfortunately, no fool proof way of keeping cockroaches out, especially if you live in an apartment or heavily populated area. If you suspect that you do have cockroaches or some other pest, give American Pest a call. American Pest will be there to help you pinpoint what pest is plaguing your home and go over an extermination plan that will have your holiday fun back on track before you know it.


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