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Stinging Insects   
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Ever find yourself, a friend, a guest, or a child running and screaming into the house seeking refuge from stinging insects? Or, even worse, getting stung multiple times trying to get away from them after accidentally disturbing their nest? It’s a very frequent and common problem everywhere in the United States, including right here in Maryland.

Stinging insects are not only annoying and scary, but they can be extremely dangerous especially if a victim is allergic to their venom. Their nests can be found up high in trees, down in bushes, very low on the ground and in holes or wood piles. Their nests can be an accident just waiting to happen when all you want to do is enjoy your backyard without having to worry about anything else.

You may think that if you don’t disturb them, they won’t disturb you. What if you or your kids are playing ball and the ball goes into a tree where a nest is located or rolls into a nest on the ground? Those stinging insects are not going to be very happy about having their home disturbed and will want to protect themselves. Potentially, hundreds of them will come flooding out of their nest seeking revenge, and some of them will not stop until they have stung their victim multiple times. Along with much pain and agony, the worry of an allergic reaction can be very stressful. This doesn’t sound like the peaceful yard that most people dream about.

This is when many folks start turning toward do-it-yourself options and start spraying and knocking down nests. What they don’t know is how ineffective these methods are and how severely dangerous it can be to take matters into your own hands. Not only that, stinging insects will often times return and rebuild their nests in close proximity to the original. This type of problem requires a professional that can take care of the problem efficiently and effectively. The professionals at American Pest can do just that, and we can also determine which nests need to be eradicated and which ones should be relocated to allow them to continue their essential job of pollination. Don’t risk a DIY project that could backfire and can potentially be hazardous to you and your family. Allow American Pest to take over so that you can have peace of mind in a yard free from stinging pests.

Our highly trained professionals know the in’s and out’s of all the dangerous species, from the stinging bald-faced hornets, wasps, and yellow jackets to the house damaging carpenter bees and the beneficial honey bees. Many of these species are highly social insects that can live in colonies numbering in the thousands, except for the carpenter bee and cicada killer which are solitary insects. We will take on the dangerous task of identifying the type of stinging insects, finding their nests, and finding problem areas that are drawing them in. We will customize a treatment solution specific to the species and any structural concerns, and we will keep the environment in mind as well.

At American Pest, we strive for rapid response times for our customers, with service the same or very next day. We use products that are EPA registered and that will not cause any harm to humans or pets. So if you are inundated with a stinging insect colony, give us a call today to learn more about how American Pest can help you keep stinging insects from your property.


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