Do You Have Hidden Guests?


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It is almost spring. Do you know what that means? That means you're about to find out whether or not your home was used by a pest, bug, or rodent last fall. Spring is when we get a lot of calls to deal with overwintering pests. Here are a few things everyone should know about overwintering pests.

1. There are two types of overwintering pests.

One is the type of pest that will get into your home in fall, and leave your home in spring. Though these pests can't survive inside your home, they can be a pain when they get in and, also, a pain when they attempt to get out. In the case of wasps, they are quite literally a pain. But, most often, these types of pests are only a nuisance or cause limited damage to belongings with their excretions.

The other type of pest is the gets into your home in fall and stays in your home when spring arrives, like the rodents and cockroaches. These critters can live quite comfortably in your home. Once they get in, the only way to get them out is with pest control solutions.

2. Some overwintering pests reveal themselves in spring.

Termites and carpenter ants are the kind of overwintering pests that get in and stay in. But spring is a time when these pests can make themselves known. If you see swarming insects crawling on your exterior walls, or worse, your interior walls, you should recognize them for what they usually are: a warning sign that you have mature nests on your property.

3. Overwintering pests are often a sign that a home has a leak.

If you're getting ladybird beetles, box elder bugs, stink bugs, or some other overwintering pest entering your home in the fall and driving you crazy in the spring, it is important to understand that these pests are telling you something; your home has a leak. That means you're losing heat in the winter and precious cool air in the summer. It may also mean that your home has been damaged by water.

4. Overwintering pests can be sealed out.

Some folks think that overwintering pests are inevitable but they are not. You don't have to live with these bugs invading your home every fall and reemerging in the spring to drive you crazy again. And, you definitely don't have to live with bugs that never want to leave once they get in. At  American Pest, our pest professionals have the education and tools to make your home or business a pest-free zone.

If you have hidden guests, give us a call before they start becoming active again. We'll get your property ready for spring, and help minimize the threat these bugs can present.

Can you live with overwintering pests? Yup. But it is a lot nicer to live without them.


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