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There really are only a few types of rodents you'll get in your Montgomery County home. The most common are mice and rats, but it is possible to get squirrels, woodchucks, porcupines, and other rodents living in and under your house, porch, patio, deck, or shed.

What mice or rats will I find in my home?

The most common mice are deer mice and, of course, the house mouse. These are both small and light brown in appearance, with big black eyes, and a thin tail.

The most common rat you'll find in a home or dwelling are Norway rats and roof rats. These range from grey to brown, with gray or white underside.

How are mice and rats different?

Visually, mice are smaller than rats, and rats appear much stockier and longer. They both have tails as long as their body, but a rat's tail is much thicker where it connects to its body.

It is also important to note that mice and rats are not the same kind of animal. They do not mate with each other. And, even if they could, they would not be able to produce offspring. Mice and rats are about as interested in each other as cows and pigs. I don't imagine you've seen any pows walking around lately. That's because cows and pigs mate with their own.

So, how do I tell if I have mice or rats?

If you're curious which of these two creatures you have running around in your attic spaces and wall voids, here is a quick guide.

  1. Droppings. Rats leave a much larger dropping than mice do. Rats feces are generally between 7 and 19 mm, and mice poop is about 4 - 7mm. When fresh, both rodents leave black moist droppings about the size of a grain of rice--rat droppings being slightly larger, and mouse droppings being slightly smaller.

  2. Noises. Rats and mice can both be startlingly quiet when moving through your kitchen, however, mice in particular become very active and tend to not care about the noises they make when traveling through your wall voids.

  3. Chew marks. Rats will tend to leave larger chew marks, and get into larger food products like dry dog food and meat products.

Regardless of whether you have a mouse or a rat, neither are good to have in your home or business. They carry disease, parasites, and bacteria, and pose a threat to structures. Learn how to protect yourself from these invasive pests, or contact American Pest to help you evict rodents already in your home,  seal entry points, and stay rodent free.


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