Do You Have Silverfish In Your Attic?



This may seem like a strange question if you don't know what a silverfish is. If you're thinking of a shiny silver fish swimming to and fro in your aquarium, then it can be a little strange for someone to ask the question, "Do you have silverfish in your attic?" because no one has ever climbed up into their attic and found silver fish flopping around on the floor. Silver fish are not generally an attic pest. They don't come in through your exterior walls, and they have a really hard time breathing in your attic--or anywhere that is outside of the water. But the insect known as the silverfish does come in through your exterior walls, and has no problem breathing in your attic.

If you've never been introduced to the household pest known as the silverfish, it gets its name because it looks and moves a little bit like a silver fish. It has shiny silver skin, like a fish. It has a teardrop shape, like a fish. And, it wiggles as it scurries across your floor, much in the same way a fish wiggles as it moves through the water; but unlike a silver fish, these pests do not live in the water. They live in moist or humid places, like your attic.

Do you have silverfish in your attic? If you have these insects in your attic, there are a few things you should be aware of.

  • If you have books in your attic, these insects can do quite a bit of damage to them. Silverfish eat the cellulose in paper products and the glue found in the bindings of books.

  • If you have stored photos, silverfish can chew their way in and ruin those photos. These insects eat cardboard and love eating photos as well.

  • Do you have clothing in your attic? Silverfish will chew holes in your clothing. Once again, they are going after the cellulose; but they also love the starches and the glues.

  • If you have draperies, sheets, or fabrics, they can all be damaged by silverfish.

  • Silverfish will eat baseball caps and other hats.

  • If you have a finished attic with wallpaper, silverfish are drawn to eat holes in that too.

  • Stamps, cards, and other collectibles made of paper are in danger from the damaging effects of these invaders.

  • If you store financial records in your attic, you may want to make sure they are in a safe or a hard plastic tote. 

While silverfish are not known to carry or spread disease and they don't bite humans; they can be very destructive when they get in your home. They are also a sign that your home may have water damage somewhere. It is vital that you seek a pest control professional to inspect your home, assess the damage, and offer control solutions.

Silver fish are not household pests. But silverfish are. Protect your home and your property with expert pest control from American Pest.



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