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Here at American Pest, we are dedicated to our customers and our community. That is why we have developed our knowledge center. This interesting and informative page provides pest information, tips, and resources such as photos, videos, and FAQ’s! It is an amazing resource that will directly link you to the information you need to battle all pest related issues in Maryland, Virginia, and D.C.! When you visit this page you will see easy to use icons that you can click on for great information. Here is a preview:

  • Pest ID – this icon links you to pictures and specific facts on particular pests that may be plaguing you here in the our area. This icon also offers seasonal alerts on the pests that are currently active in our area.

  • Video Gallery – this icon will link you to helpful videos about the pests in our area, including videos on “Choosing the Right Mousetrap” to “Preparing for a Bed Bug Heat Treatment.” It is a great resource on a variety of pest control issues.

  • Blog – this icon will link you to current and relevant blogs on trending pest control issues and helpful pest control tips and facts.

  • Company News – this icon is a link to the latest company news including new pest threats, community service involvement, new technologies, and much more. Stay up to date with the American Pest Control scene with this helpful link.

  • FAQ – this icon is a great resource to all the frequently asked questions, and answers, that we receive. If someone has taken the time to write and ask us about a particular pest concern, it is probable that you may be dealing with the same issues. Take a look; you may just find that pressing answer you are looking for.

  • Photo Gallery – this icon is the pictorial link to the who’s who in the pest world. Click on the colorful photo and be transported to a full fact sheet on these pests. All of the pests you may encounter here are listed in this venue. This is very helpful if you know what your insect looks like, but you are not sure of its name.

  • Labels & MSDS – this link will put you in touch with the current labels and MSDS sheets for fast access to needed product safety information. You can type in your search by name or simply use the helpful drop-down lists. All of this important information is your with the touch of a finger.

  • Ask the Entomologist – this great link gives you the opportunity to forward a question directly to our entomologists. There is no easier way to get the answers you need straight from the mind of the best and brightest in the business.

  • Helpful Articles – this link will transport you to helpful articles full of information, tips, and advice on insects and rodents and treatment options for these pests.

Visit our knowledge center to keep on top of the latest pest news, threats, treatment options, and facts. It is just another way that American Pest is serving this great community that we all love.


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