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We’re at the highpoint of the outdoor entertaining season, and the barbecues, pool parties and camping trips are still going strong. But the pest management professionals at American Pest know that pests want to be a part of everything, whether it’s developing a living space in your home during your remodel or looking to be a part of your holiday celebrations in the winter.

At this time of year, the insects of interest trying to crash the party are stinging pests, including yellow jackets, cicada killers, bald-faced hornets and bumble bees. These pests can be a real problem for you and your guests. Sweet smelling desserts, sauces and beverages may entice stinging insects to buzz around food you have set out for your guests, especially later in the season, when their natural food resources begin to dwindle down. Even worse than that, you or some of your guests may have allergic reactions to bee stings!

Dealing with stinging pests is especially tough because they instigate panicked reactions. Party guests under siege from a yellow jacket instinctively swat at the insect, dance around wildly to avert it or go so far as to jump into the pool to avoid the pest entirely. Not only will these responses aggravate your uninvited pests, they can also make you look quite silly, to say the least.

Not to worry. American Pest is happy to offer advice that should help you prevent stinging insects from crashing your get-togethers and deal with those that do show up.

1.      Score Some Turf!

Ground bees tend to establish residence in bare ground areas, evidenced by distinct holes in the ground. Adding some grass or foliage should motivate them to pack up and move out of your yard.

2.      Cover Your Food!

Most people think to cover their food with aluminum foil to keep curious insects out. For a more attractive and easy to handle solution, try using mesh or plastic food covers. The insects will be denied access to your masterfully prepared burgers, sauces and brownies, but you won’t lose presentation points!

3.      Protect Your Cooled Beverage!

Stinging insects have been known to crawl inside soda cans to enjoy a sip for themselves, only to be alarmed and ready to sting when you tilt the can to take a drink yourself! If you drink from a soda can, do not leave the can unattended, or pour your drink into a cup. After your party, rinse out your recycling products to prevent insects from gathering around your recycling bin! (PS-Keep trash collected throughout the party several feet from the food serving areas!)

4.      When In Doubt, Be Cool! (Stay Calm!)

If a stinging insect gets too close to you or seems aggressive, the worst thing to do is swatting or panicked “dancey” movements that would further agitate the insect. Stay calm, breathe and don’t move. After a moment, the flying insect should recognize that you are not a threat and lose interest.

Remember, have fun at the various social events you plan to host or attend throughout the rest of summer. Don’t let stinging insects ruin the party for you!

For more information about how we can help solve your stinging pest problems, contact American Pest today at 1-877-282-1886, or fill out our online contact form. You can also check us out on Facebook or Twitter!


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