Dr. Kathy Heinsohn Featured on WAMU's Metro Connection



Tune your FM radio to WAMU 88.5 this Friday, Oct. 26, at 1 p.m. for Metro Connection to hear a little something from one of our entomologists, Dr. Kathy Heinsohn. Metro Connection is an hour long program on NPR member station WAMU 88.5 designed to “gather the sounds and stories that capture the current events, culture and personalities driving the Washington region.”

For their Door to Door segment, Metro Connection interviewed Dr. Kathy Heinsohn, entomologist at American Pest. Dr. Kathy lives in Brunswick, Md. and works in Fulton, Md., making her daily commute 54 miles one way. What would make someone put up with that commute just to get to work? That’s what Metro Connection will discuss in their segment this week.

"You'd really never know she had to drive so far to work everyday," says Miranda Sherman, American Pest Marketing Manager, "She's so pleasant at the office."

American Pest has been established in the DC region for 88 years and is proud that its employees are also passionate about their communities.


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