Easy Steps Consumers Can Take to Keep Pests Out


American Pest practices Integrated Pest Management (IPM) which is a combination of common sense practices and proven pest control solutions. Many common sense pest control methods can be executed by equipping yourself with a few useful tools from your local hardware store and arming yourself with the knowledge and ambition to get the job done yourself!

Keep Insect Pests Out

Insects are only pests when they come inside your home. Simple improvements around the house can be instrumental first steps in your battle against these six-legged invaders.

First complete a thorough inspection. Get up close and personal with your foundation and outer walls. Look for any holes the cable person could have left open when you rigged up that new big screen. Check for cracks and wear in the cement. If you spot anything besides an impenetrable service, plug it with a high-quality caulk or steel wool. This will make it more difficult for the tiny intruders (including rodents!) to enter your home.

Replace Damaged Screens

Window and door screens are vital in keeping insects outside where they belong. A cool breeze on a summer night can be the perfect way to relax, but a hole in the screen will allow mosquitoes, bees, or other flying insects into your home to quickly put an end to your enjoyable evening. Patching small holes and replacing old, worn out screens can save quite a headache when it comes to summer pest problems.

On the Interior

Pests can be annoyingly resourceful. That tiny hole next to the gas line to the stove seems innocent enough until a mouse finds that opening a particularly welcome sight!
By inspecting the interior of your home for entry points within the home you can greatly decrease the odds of mice making their way in to soil your pantry.

Spotting these access points ahead of time allows you to take a bit of steel wool and use it to plug the hole.

Door Sweeps

Door Sweeps can be a worth-while investment to keep out the occasional accidental invader. Insects, like camel crickets for example, don’t always mean to stumble into your bathroom or kitchen. These insects look for conditions favorable to their survival and if your home fits the bill, they will do what it takes to squeeze under a door to get there. Door sweeps solve this problem by adding a barrier that both keeps insects out and also saves on household energy bills.




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