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Finally! The warm weather has arrived and after the long winter it’s time to start venturing outdoors for backyard bbq’s, gardening and lazy days by the pool.  Unfortunately, with the much deserved fun in the sun, rest and relaxation comes the potential for painful stings.  At American Pest, a longtime Maryland pest control company serving D.C., and Northern Virginia including Alexandria and McLean, we generally start receiving calls from homeowners this time of year regarding stinging insects and thought the beginning of summer an ideal time to offer a few tips to help your summer pass sting free.  

If you are planning a get together on the deck plan on storing food inside until it’s ready to be served.  After the meal, make sure to clean up immediately.  

  1. Keep trash in containers with tightly-fitting lids at least 20 feet away from events

  2. Don’t wear brightly colored clothing that may appear like flowers to stinging insects

  3. Avoid sweet-smelling perfumes, shampoos and body sprays; they smell like flowers to wasps and yellow jackets

  4. Cover up whenever possible, especially shoes, in case you step on a yellow jacket nest

  5. If a yellow jacket or wasp drops by, do not swat or try to kill it; it may become aggravated and attack

Finally, if you discover a nest on your property DO NOT attempt to remove it on your own.  Call in pest professionals who specialize in removing yellow jackets, wasps and other stinging insects.  


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