Entomologist Promotes Pollinator Health As A Backyard Beekeeper


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Our on-site entomologist Dr. Kathy Heinsohn, BCE, is an excellent asset to the American Pest team for many reasons. However, she is also a wonderful asset to the pollinator population in the area. Over the past 11 years, she has dedicated her time and effort to protecting the bees in her own backyard with anywhere from 2-4 hives a year. This year she has two hives consisting of approximately 175K bees total! She has to regularly maintain the yard to ensure that they don't swarm and bother her neighbors proving to be a lot of work. 

Heinsohn's Honey Bee Hives

Recently, Heinsohn extracted two supers worth of honey along with three other friends that all work for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The process proved to be daunting as they started early and ended late. However, with the use of their new extractor, they were able to complete 34 one pound bottles of honey. The pollen grains that are in her honey help to provide immunity to pollen allergies as you consume local honey. Along with bottling honey, Heinsohn also uses the leftover beeswax to make lavender milk and honey soap bars, beeswax candles, and beeswax ornaments around the holidays.

Heinsohn reminds us all that honey never goes bad and has even been eaten from Pharoah's tombs, dating to be approximately 3,000 years old. Keep your honey from crystallizing by ensuring that it has a good tight lid. If it does crystallize, don't worry, simply use the diagram below to get it to completely how to reliquify honeyreliquify. While we all love the sweet taste of honey, it is important to keep it from children under 2 years old as they have yet to develop the digestive system enzymes necessary to destroy the botulism bacterium.

Importance of Pollinator Protection

Pollinator protection has gained attention over the years as populations have continued to decrease all over the world. While many homeowners may be happy they aren't around their home, it is actually a big problem. Pollinators are needed for the reproduction and plants and more than two-thirds of the world's food crops. This is why dedicated beekeepers like Heinsohn are important to pollinators and pest control companies like American Pest. This bee-loving entomologist has assisted American Pest in gaining connections with local beekeepers who are willing to relocate populations that have swarmed outside of homes in the area. 

While many of us don't have the time or knowledge to become a beekeeper, those who are interested can learn more about what it takes here. If you are one of the many that are unable to dedicate that much time or are worried about having bees in the yard, educate yourself about pollinator protection and learn how to save the bees while protecting your home.  If you have discovered a bee hive in or around your property, contact American Pest and ask us about relocating them.


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