Celebrities Fight Lyme Disease Too


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alec baldwin

1. Alec Baldwin

The famous actor and former SNL cast member has opened up about his long-term battle with Lyme Disease. He described classic symptoms, including excessive sweating and a flu-like illness. These symptoms have returned every summer for the past five years. Alec has publicly spoken about his experiences, in an effort to raise awareness and money for Lyme disease research.

george w bush2. George W. Bush
The 43rd President of the United States was treated for what appeared to be Lyme disease in 2006. He noticed a rash on his lower left leg, and informed staff immediately. Being treated so quickly for Lyme likely is what prevented him from having recurring problems. That’s why it is important to inform your doctor of any concerns with tick bites as soon as possible.

avril lavigne3. Avril Lavigne
This Canadian pop star believes she was bitten by an infected tick in Spring of 2014. She shared her experience with People magazine, and it is frightening to learn about. She was bedridden for months, and says she felt like she couldn’t breathe, talk, or move. Lavigne, like Baldwin, thought she was dying due to the bite of an infected tick.


kelly osbourne4. Kelly Osbourne
Middle child of Ozzy and Sharon Osborne, and now TV personality, was open about her experiences with the tick-borne disease. Osbourne was misdiagnosed for years after being bitten by a tick in 2004. After reaching out to an alternative medical practitioner, she tested positive for stage III neurological Lyme disease.


actor richard gere5. Richard Gere, Ashley Olsen, Ben Stiller, and more
Many other celebrities have reported to have been diagnosed with Lyme. Some are more open than others, however. Many describe the fatigue, pain, and fear of death that often accompanies the bite of an infected tick.




This goes to show that anyone can be infected with Lyme disease, and that it only takes one bite to be infected for many years to come.  It is important to know how to protect yourself from Lyme disease and know the symptoms. If you are bitten by a tick, make sure that you properly remove the pest as soon as possible. The longer the tick is attached, the more likely you are to get Lyme disease.

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