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It seems that spring may be just around the corner, but we are still seeing some chilly temperatures at night. That being said, it’s possible that you may have seen a little critter scurrying across your kitchen floor. Mice will often invite themselves into your home during the winter months, in an attempt to keep warm like the rest of us. But don’t freak out! These fun facts about mice should ease your mind about your unexpected house guest.


  1. Though it may seem that a mouse is just a mouse, there are actually 38 different species of mice. The Common House mouse is thought to be one of the most populated mammalian species, second only to humans.

  2. Mice have the ability to convey different facial expressions, and even experience emotions.

  3. They are able to communicate verbally. Mice use a very high frequency sound to talk that cannot be heard by human ears.

  4. Male mice court females by “singing” to them. In fact, mice are one of four mammals that are able to sing! The others are whales, bats, and humans.

  5. Since they can experience different moods and verbally communicate them to others, mice are also thought to be able to empathize with their friends.

  6. Rodents are often thought of being dirty, but mice are actually incredibly clean, and organized! They even designate specific areas of their “home” for sleeping, eating, and going to the bathroom. However, their feces and urine do contain disease pathogens, so remember to use caution if you happen to find droppings within your home.

  7. Mice can be very picky eaters. They will often eat their favorite foods first, and pick around things they don’t like as much.

  8. They are very adventurous and love to explore! Mice enjoy climbing, and squeezing through tiny holes (which is probably how they found their way into your home).

  9. The area that mice will explore is usually limited to a pretty small area. They typically only stray about 9-24 feet from their home.

  10. A mouse’s tail is covered with tiny scales, which can help it climb up rough surfaces, including walls!

We know that you probably aren’t looking to add a stray pet mouse to your family. Feel free to contact the mouse control experts at American Pest to help catch any mice, or other pests, that may have made themselves at home in your house this winter.


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