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Recent temperatures with lingering summer heat and humidity are not fooling anyone. Montgomery County, fall is just around the corner. The fall season eventually brings an end to the heat as temperatures begin to drop. However, contrary to old myths, this does not cause pests to disappear. Actually, the opposite takes place as some pests become more active during the fall season.

Of all the fall intruders, the one that quickly comes to mind is the rodent. Mice and rats have a built in calendar and will begin preparing for those colder months during this time of year. Their ability to survive depends on proper shelter and a good supply of food. Just as mice will begin searching for a place to move inside in anticipation of changing climate, residents must begin making preparations to keep them out of the home. A mouse can squeeze through an opening as small as the size of a nickel. In addition to shelter, mice need food and water. Keep all food items in sealed containers. Check for leaks under the sink or in the basement and repair as needed. Just a small leak or drip will give sufficient moisture for mice.

Lady beetles and boxelder bugs are also common fall intruders. These nuisance pests have been known to stain clothing and curtains. They also emit an offensive odor when crushed. Sealing cracks around doors and windows and repairing or replacing insect screens will help aid in preventing these fall pests from finding their way into the comfort of your home.

Stink bugs are an incredible nuisance to homeowners. Prevention methods are extremely important in the fall of the year. Once they move in, it is very difficult to get rid of stink bugs. A stink bug is attracted to many things from fruits and vegetables to legumes and even certain tree leaves. They have been quite a problem to the agricultural industry throughout Montgomery County and the surrounding area. Stink bugs will puncture fruit and vegetables with a straw-type appendage and suck sap to get moisture, protein and carbohydrates. This method obviously contaminates the food item. As with other pests, controlling stink bugs begins with preventing that initial entry. Seal all cracks around windows and doors, utility line entrances and any other openings. Repair any broken screens and replace worn weather stripping around doors.

There are many other fall pests but the good news is here at American Pest, we have more than 100 expertly trained pest control professionals and we have been taking the worry of pest invasion out of the hands of Montgomery County residents for more than 90 years. Our Preferred Care home pest control plans are designed to solve your pest problems with year round coverage. We treat both exterior and interior at least 4times each year, protecting your home against more than 30 home-invading pests.

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