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If you have walked around any of the big box stores in the last few weeks, you may have noticed that they are already starting to put out Halloween and fall decorations; for most this is a startling sight since the weather outside is still very summer-like! However it is a good reminder that fall and its cooler weather is really just around the corner!

At American Pest Northern Virginia we also want to start talking about fall, fall pests. Believe it or not, fall pests are already starting to make trouble for homeowners in Northern Virginia; pests are starting to look for a safe, warm place to call home during the late fall and winter months. We want to provide you with some information about fall pests and how you can stop them from using your home this year as their winter retreat.

Insects like stink bugs, box elder bugs, spiders, and ladybird beetles are all common fall pests in Northern Virginia; they will enter into homes through small openings and seek out shelter behind walls, in crawl spaces, basements, and in attics and will remain throughout the winter months. These pests are not particularly dangerous, but are quite a nuisance to have in your home. They will crawl over your walls, furniture, and upholstery- leaving behind unsightly stains if they are accidentally squished or squashed; and in the case of the stink bug, they can cause your home to take on a very unpleasant odor.

Rodents are another very common pest that likes to take up residence inside of homes this time of year; and rodents can be both damaging and dangerous to have living in your home. Rodents will enter and find quiet spaces in your home to create a nest for the winter in; they will travel through your walls and into your kitchen and help themselves to your food. Along with stealing your food they will contaminate your kitchen counters, pantries, and drawers with their feces and urine; and can introduce dangerous diseases and bacteria into your home. They are also responsible for chewing through wires, pipes, insulation, drywall, flooring, furniture, clothing, and personal items!

We can all agree that insects and rodents do not make good winter roommates, but the question now is how do we stop them? Well, the answer is not nearly as difficult as you think - by making some easy changes around your home and by implementing a year-round pest control service!

Some easy changes that can be made around your home to protect it from fall pests include:

  • Making sure that outdoor trash cans have secure lids.

  • Keeping a cap on your chimney

  • Stacking wood for the winter has to take place away from your home’s exterior.

  • Fixing areas of pooling water around your home, along with any leaky faucets or pipes.

  • Excluding pests from your home by sealing cracks in the foundation of your home, caulking gaps around windows and doors, installing door sweeps, and making sure that screens are intact.

Along with making changes around your home to keep fall pests out, American Pest Northern Virginia can help with our year-round home pest control programs. Our Preferred Care programs will help to eliminate and control fall and other common household pests now and throughout the entire year. Contact us today for more information about fall pest control services!



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